Our Services

In our efforts to bring premium herbs and spices directly to you, we offer wholesale and blending services to match your requirements.


In our supply to bakeries Australia wide, we offer bulk sizing of products. This is in addition to the generic sizing of our products, as shown in their descriptions, we work with customers to establish quantities which benefit their individual use. Whether your needs are small, or bulk, contact us.


With our state of the art blending machinery, we are able to take care of all your blending needs, up to 1 tonne. We work alongside you, ensuring our expert knowledge and experience is paired with your requirements, to further
develop your products. Guaranteeing highest quality and world class blends.
All blends are processed with care, through stainless steel machinery, maintaining safety standards and thorough cleaning .


It is our policy to purchase from reputable, established suppliers and growers.

  • HACCP Certification (Awarded by Food Operations)