About Us


Established in 1983, by Dutchman Leo Oostra, Oostra Spice Company is one of the premium Spice Merchants in Australia today. We supply premium herbs and spices and Mélanges (blends) to the baking and restaurant industries.

We travel the world to source and meet with suppliers, which gives us the benefit of guaranteeing the best spices and herbs available in the current market. Oostra Spices only sells premium spices and mélanges which add flavour and "saleability". 


Herbs & Spices and Melanges (blends)

Customise blends (melanges)

While the Oostra Spice Company produces a wide range of quality spices and melanges, we understand that we may not always have the exact blend you’re after. We can customise a blend specifically for your recipe requirements.

Customised Pack Size

By tailoring the packaging of our spices and melanges to suit your recipe requirements your ingredients remain fresh and full of flavour, with no wastage.

Food certifications

We understand the importance of reliable, high quality service to your business.

We offer:    *expert advice   * prompt delivery    * Flexible packaging options.

Call us on FREECALL: 1800 637 126

Packaging / Sizes

Our spices/herbs and melanges come in minimum 1kg size up to 25kg boxes.

If our sizing is not comparable to what you want please call and we’ll do our best to help with your requirements.

We use reusable packaging wherever we can.

Our 3kg buckets are food grade safe, reusable and stackable too!

1kg coming soon.

Competitive with comparative

When comparing quotes, always ask ’what grade is it?’

You can’t compare premium with an inferior product.

ie: Did you know that Cassia (Cinnamon) comes in 8 different grades?

An Investment in Flavour

Spices typically account for less than 1% of the ingredient costs, but is 90% of the flavour of the finished product.

Oostra Spice Company only sources the finest and safest ingredients, so our melanges have a remarkable concentration of flavour.

All our Melanges are 100% spice, with no bulking agents

It is this intense concentration of colour, flavour and aroma that makes our spices such an asset to your bakery; investing your breads with a taste your customers will adore.

To illustrate the cost-effectiveness of Oostra Spices and Melanges we have prepared a sample cost analysis for Hot Cross Bun Melange.

Hot Cross Bun Melange

Usage rate 2%
Cost of melange per batch $0.36
Cost of melange per bun $0.012


Ingredient Weight (gm)
Flour 1000
Water 550
Yeast 100
Oil 100
Sugar 100
Salt 10
Improver 10
Fruit 400
Oostra Spice Hot Cross Bun Melange 20
Total Batch Weight 2290


Assuming that this typical batch yields 30 buns that weigh 74gm apiece, the cost of spice is only $0.012 once cent - per bun.

It's a compelling reason to use the very best.

* Price is subject to change