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This blend of unique and native Australia herbs and spices, provides aromatic and intense additions to your dish! Perfect for soups, stews and casseroles, these outback ingredients are from our own backyard, hand-picked by Indigenous communities, they provide warmth and heartiness to a meal. 

Australian Bush Herbs

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Brandino Blend

Our delicately balanced butter chicken spice mix, containing turmeric, garam masala, mustard seed ground and a range of other spices, is the perfect blend to spice up your cooking. Secretly formulated, mix with yoghurt and cover chicken to marinate for up to 24 hours prior to cooking, then fry in pan!

Butter Chicken Blend

A blend of ground caraway and cumin, that can be added to rice dishes, Garam masala, and any dishes with either of the two, for an extra flare of flavour. 

Caraway and Cumin Blend

A delicious savoury blend that is ideal for chicken pies and vegetable pasties. Containing paprika, coriander, onion powder and a range of other spices, this beautiful blend will add flavour and depth to any dish! 

Chicken Blend

This agent blend has a very simplistic name; the combination of 5 spices that embody the 5 favours of sour, bitter, sweet, salty and pungent. Add to marinades or use as spice rub, on fatty meats such as pork, duck or goose. 

Chinese Five Spice

Cocoa with a twist! Our Double Dutch Cocoa, blended with heart-warming spices to create the perfect substitute for plain, old cocoa. Giving the same chocolatey taste, with the addition of depth, it can be used in drinks, cakes, cookies and fillings. 

Chocspice Blend

An aromatic blend created for Christmas puddings and rich fruit cake, featuring

Christmas Cake and Pudding Blend

A flavoursome and versatile blend of spices, such as cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg banda, that can be used in a variety of sweet baked good applications, and particularly well suited for coffee scrolls. Add on top of normal recipe.  

Coffee Scroll Blend

For those who prefer a little more ‘bite’ to their curries, Curry India is ideal. With coriander, turmeric, chilli powder and a range of other spices, this blend is the perfect addition to heat up your dish. 

Curry India (Hot) Blend

A complex, mild blend of coriander, cumin seed ground, turmeric and a range of other spices, it is suitable for a range of meat and vegetable-based pies and casseroles, or add to curries for a subtle kick of heat. 

Curry Masala (Mild) Blend

An aromatic blend of ‘sweet’ spices, including cassia, ginger and coriander, that is perfect for fruit loaves.  

Dutch Fruit Loaf Blend

An aromatic blend of red bell peppers, chives, oregano and other herbs and spices, it is a way to twist your focaccia bread into something spectacular. 

Focaccia Bread Blend

A select blend of herbs, such as basil, thyme, marjoram and a range of others, that when mixed together are ideal for focaccia breads, sauces, casseroles, seasonings, meat loaf and pasta. Giving it an earthy and warm taste.

Focaccia Herbs

Translated to “hot mixture of spices”, this blend doesn't necessarily pack heat, but a pungency that gives it depth. Popular in North Indian cuisine, its mixture of strong spices means it is often used as the sole seasoning in dishes such as Rogan Josh, chicken curry, butter chicken, dips and Pilaf.

Garam Masala Natural

Translated to “hot mixture of spices”, this blend doesn't necessarily pack heat, but a pungency that gives it depth. Popular in North Indian cuisine, its mixture of strong spices means it is often used as the sole seasoning in dishes such as Rogan Josh, chicken curry, butter chicken, dips and Pilaf. Our premium blend contains Aniseed ground, cinnamon, fennel seed ground and a range of other spices. 

Garam Masala Oostra Blend

A well balanced blend of ginger, cassia, nutmeg and a range of other spices, add to your recipe for gingerbread to liven it up and add a depth of flavour. 

Gingerbread Spice Blend

Make your hot cross bun stand out from the bunch. This smooth blend of cassia, coriander, ginger and more, gives a sweetness and depth to your bun that makes the customers come back for more! 

Hot Cross Blend

Parsley, chives, tomato flakes, garlic powder, and a host of other spices that gather the essence of Italian cuisine in one hit! Sprinkle over breads or pizzas, add to dressings, marinades and sauces. 

Italian Herbs

Masters Garlic Blend

With garlic powder and granules amongst this blend, as well as onion done two ways, it can lift any bread, sausage roll or pie to another level. 

Meat Pie and Pastie Blend

Adding to your meat pie and pastie, this mixture of spices, including coriander, black pepper and nutmeg, intensifies the flavour and makes it a sure fire hit with customers! 

Mixed Spice Special #51

These warm and sweet spices are the perfect addition to almost any savoury dish! Cinnamon blended with coriander, ginger and more, give flavours that enhance the dish. Add to rubs, dressings and breads. 

Pork Pie Blend

Add to pies or seasoning for pork, this mixture of black pepper, nutmeg, coriander and more gives the dish a little extra flavouring that sets yours apart!

Pumpkin and Sundried Tomato


This delicious mix of coriander, tomato diced, pumpkin powder and more, is the perfect addition to add warmth and heartiness to pastas, sauces, dressings and pies. It can be substituted with pumpkin blends in any recipe.

Quiche Blend

Add a depth of flavour to your quiche with this mix of chilli powder, onion minced, nutmeg and more.

Sausage Roll Blend

Add this blend of white pepper, coriander, nutmeg and more to your sausage roll mix for delicious sausage rolls. Mix with meat pie blend and add to either pies or sausage roll for extra taste.

Shoarma Blend

A superb blend of curry masala, paprika, cumin, chilli and other delicious herbs and spices, Shoarma (pronounced sh-wa-ma) imparts incredible flavour and aroma to a variety of roasted vegetables, meats and casseroles.

Speculaas Blend

Speculaas is the finest of Oostra Spices’ sweet spice blends which imparts a sweet flavour and a delightful lingering aroma to a variety of breads, cakes, and biscuits. Made with a mixture of cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg banda and more.

Stollen Spice Blend

An aromatic festive cake spice blend with the heady aroma of cardamom, mixed with vanilla and nutmeg. This blend is perfect for Christmas cakes.

Tomato and Basil Blend

A classic combination of tomato and basil that is suited to a variety of breads and soups.

Vegetarian Pastie Blend

A mix of paprika, coriander, black pepper, cumin and more, that gives vegetarian pies and pasties the extra kick of flavour.



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